Hi I am Lindsay!

General Description:

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Technical Description:

Creative. Power User. Integration Specialist.

I am a graphic designer and web developer specializing in branding and web development. My platform of choice is the WordPress CMS in combination with the Elementor Pagebuilder, but I am also well versed in SquareSpace, Shopify and Wix and am always open to developing with new platforms.

By offering both graphic design and web development, I can maintain a cohesive look in every facet of your company, from branding and print work, through to web design and development.

With my technical knowledge and experience, I can offer advice on domain management and hosting, on content managment systems (CMSs), email and email marketing platforms, and provide other integration support to help your business run effectively. My end goal is to craft an unique brand and website that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly on the frontend and functions seamlessly and can be easily maintained on the backend.

My Story.


Yup. That's teen-aged me.

(How embarrassing)


From the age of wee a 4 year old, back in the late-80s, I always had a computer in front of me. My dad ran a computer lab and was able to bring one home every Summer. I would create elaborate pixel by pixel illustrations zoomed in on paint, and would cry when my creations would print out teeny tiny.

This was my first lesson in image resolution.

In high-school I loved both art and sciences and didn’t know which to focus on as a career. I graduated, achieving top Visual Artist and Fine Art student but LOVED biology and, at this time, Science paid more and seemed to be a more lucrative career path.

Although my post-secondary education was in Science, I always had the tendency to be pulled toward the arts and technology and wanted to combine my passions into one as a BioMedical Illustrator. Turns out, the only program was offered on the other side of the country and online programs were not a thing yet.


During the recession in 2008, when not happy with my job in a windowless research lab, I decided to go back to school at get a diploma in multi-media design and development. Two years later, I graduated with honours, and won the best of show award at our graduation showcase.

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my lifelong learning journey and that only a small percentage of what I gained from this program I use today. Since then, I have worked for art galleries, web & design studios, biotech companies, and corporate and not-for-profit organizations. I have not only helped them with designing their brand and developing their website, but also assisted in streamlining their systems.

As tech and trends change quickly, I am constantly learning, finding solutions and driven to keep up with the best tools available for my clients.


Squamish B.C.


The Barrier.

Power User.

The first time I heard the term and was coined ‘Power User’ was by a web agency in Vancouver. I was updating pages on a website and opening multiple tabs at once and saving them, which was overriding the other pages I had open. I let them know about this ‘bug’ and they said, “Well… we know about this bug, but we aren’t going to fix it because not everyone updates websites like you. You are a ‘Power User'”.

To this day I remember this term and when someone asks me what ‘I do’, I often use it to describe myself. I have always had the knack for learning new tech efficiently which helps me keep up with the vast amount of options out there. We all know sourcing the best platform for our business these days can be a challenge.

I am here to help.

Present Day.

Today, I work from my home office in beautiful Squamish BC, that has been self-coined the ‘Outdoor Adventure Capital of Canada’. I spend my off time enjoying the outdoors with my family.

I have two very active young boys and am proud to raise my kids in this beautiful place. I am so happy I took the leap of faith and made a career path change so many years ago.

I take pride in offering my services to local companies and not-for-profits, in order to help my community grow.


My fam jam.



Below is a list of general tools I work with on a regular basis. In addition, I excel at researching and sourcing new plugins, extensions and integrations to get the functionality you require.